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There are many benefits for a Tantric Massage, I will list a number of them, so you can see how effective, Holistic, liberating, stress relieving, sensual, erotic, are some of the benefits just to start with!
I am a great believer in Tantra therapy as it gives a feast of amazing benefits, for you or your partner to gain. Lets just look at some of the blockages that people stumble upon, with their limiting experiences or beliefs, especially if never tried the tantric massage.
First and most imortant is our own instinctive survival – our health as a whole, this means stress relief is and can be a life saver, far more than people realise. Taking some time out for ourselves to get the healing benefits of a good massage, is deeply therapeutic, at least on three levels.
1. Relaxing the mind, – people talk all day! – our minds are overburdened with so much going on, life itself and its responsibilities, can be very taxing on our personal health.
I have met many who worry, about their work, position of heir jobs, their status, where will they find a nice home to live in, the rents are expensive. Other people get consumed by their personal relationships, been happy is our natural state of health and well being, having bombardments of negative thoughts, and trying to achieve in life is compelling and challenging to say the least!
So you can see how the mind is affected, which of course creates feelings in our bodies.
When you relax and allow yourself to drift into the heavenly peacefull meditative state, your mind relaxes, as well as your body through the hands of the masseuse, our rthmic movements, create a serene bliss like state, to allow you to let go and replenish. Now thats just for starters!
As a gradual natural progress, we integrate our essential techniques with lomi lomi, esalen touch, to create instictive touch that is particurlarly situated to each individual!
Tantric opens up the doors of perception, allowing you to receive a gradual exloration of all your senses, touch, visual, taste, listening, all incorporated, it takes you to your inner journey, like been transported to a dream like place. All we ask is receive this energy, sense it feel it, it will give you peace, tranquility, high quality sensual feelings will emerge, enjoy and relish!
Personally after many years of experience, many men dont realise, that QUALITY of ORGASM, is much more deeply satisfying, than to have as many orgasms as possible! – its like been in chocolate factory and eating as many chocolates as you can! -I am still so surprised that men dont see that! but equally they haven’t really experienced the real thing!
3. EJACULATION CONTROL through tantric practice, a natural phenomena, totally safe, created naturally by our expert masseuses to stimulate you, TRAIN YOUR MIND AND BODY TO WORK TOGETHER IN HARMONY, sometimes you need a few sesions to understand and intergrate it within yourself, but results are astonishing!
4. HOW YOUR TANTRA TRAINING WITH US, WILL HELP MAKE YOU TO A CONSIDERATE AND POWERFUL LOVER, SO YOU CAN SHARE TRUE INTIMACY WITH YOUR PARTNER. Married it or not it doesnt matter, the capacity and knowledge, will be so enriching, in more ways than you thought possible!
This page was written by Gina who is one of the original tantric practitioners with many years of experience.