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Body To Body Massage

We at Carezzia, right in the heart of London, will offer you a superb, sublime experience, making you feel relaxed, and feelings of pleasure are second to none by booking a sensational Body to body massage!

Many people take their bodies for granted. They do a lot of things in a day, talk too much or take on more tasks Image of woman performing body to body massage for manthan needed! In order to keep you balanced you should balance out between work, rest and fun. Others may eat too much due to other imbalances such as food, which can be a replacement for Love, affection, frustration, anger, sadness, worry, anxiety, etc. Some folk eat to suppress their emotions. Sweets, chocolate and caffeine can be stimulants that satisfy the hidden frustrations!

Others use aggressive behaviour to express inner emotions that may be lying around but have not been fully expressed. Of course we might hurt people we don’t mean to hurt by the sheer factor we don’t always know why we get upset, or sometimes we get upset anyway because we’ve had bad news or a week which has been difficult challenging or tough! Overall satisfactions don’t get met and we suffer and can get tangled up physically or emotionally.

Body to body Massage can be with just you, or bring a friend, or your partner  (we can also accommodate couples) or two single men or two single ladies!

Body to body literally means we use our naked body to massage you with one of our friendly masseuse’s while you’re both naked with beautiful warm oil This includes another HAPPY ENDING! Body to body massages are super fun and guaranteed with orgasm at the end!

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