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Couples Massage

What happens in a couples massage?

This kind of massage is very versatile. It can be that you both want to be in separate rooms where you can enjoy tantric massage in privacy, but come as a couple!

Or the other option is to have the massage naturally both in same room, while you can both enjoy the ambience done in warm atmosphere, candles, low warm lights, soft relaxation music, with warm oil to massage you is so delightful!

Now lie back and enjoy to receive superb relaxation, getting rid of the physical and muscular bodily tensions is so essential, for reviving tired bodies!

So many of us would so benefit from a genuine massage, it is such a health necessity more than we realise, it is such a health tonic, a tonic for the muscles, it stimulates the lymph to clean blood and purifying every cell, it works on all levels mind body and soul.

Emotionally elevating, physically uplifting, we set the mood and we can massage you one to one, or we can show you how to massage each other, is another option, or just enjoy watching each other and go with the ambience! energy shared together!

The visual shared is a pleasure in itself!….we can include pure Tantric, or if you prefer body to body, or Nuru massage, using gel or oil, prostate massage is another addition, so there’s a lot of fun to be had, for unwinding together, how to learn to practice tantric massage on each other?

How the man can last longer the tantra way, we will show you how to improve staying power by using the tantra way, let my hands do the talking! All couples welcome call me to book couples massage in London, for leisure and pleasure!