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Happy Ending Massage

Carezzia London tantric massages are always wonderful, relaxing, sensual and as erotic as you like, with the purest touch in sensual arousal. This includes a full body massage, and always with a ‘Happy Ending’! One of our lovely masseuses will be fully naked, or if you prefer can be topless in silk stockings and high heels. All our ladies wear beautiful lingerie, and can be versatile in dress-wear, or she can be nude.

We include a nice shower to start with-not only will you be clean, it will also relax your muscles too, to get ready for a sensual tantalising sexy massage, to forget your worries, and  drop the muscular stress that your carrying. Letting go is part of the magic healing, of surendering to the masseuse, and let her professional teasing hands guide the way!

A happy Ending is a sure must to remove frustration, suppressed anger, and feelings that hold us back from feeling our happy selves again!

Often people can carry emotions, but not quite know exactly what it is that makes the feel apprehensive, or edgy, Undecided, sad, fed up, or feeling lonely, our Happy Ending helps to dissolve the stress thoughts but also removes them from the physical body, so you can feel relieved and vital!

Our clients come from all walks of life, some are travelling from long distances and can be suffering from jet lag. Therefore Massages are so ideal, others are working long hours, our muscles get tense, so how fantastic that massages are available to relieve your stresses and get sexual arousal, stimulation with quality touch, our therapists are fully qualified in genuine massage and the Happy Ending Massages!