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Ladies Massage

Many ladies see to spend most of their money on clothes and make up! ….

Now that’s a shame because if you only realised the health benefits in massage alone, you would absolutely have them more regularly!

Why is Massage good for us?  For many reasons, the most vital is actually health, our bodies take a lot of stress from everyday life, walking, running, cycling, exercises, gym work, other types of sports, dancing, shopping, all physical tasks, can contribute to overused muscles, tightness in areas, pain from overuse, lactic acid built up, can cause pain especially in the legs.

The way we use our body can also have an effect on our body. Did you know that our emotions also have a positive and negative effect on how we feel in ourselves?

Massage can remove tight physical knots, shoulders can get painful if we don’t do much moving. Energies can get stuck, the massage movements include techniques which stimulate the lymph to release toxins, while it rebalances you emotionally, by having the deep tissue massage with its rhythmic movements,includes, kneading, long sweeping movements. Petrissage is another important movement to stimulate the muscles, to allow them to release the tension.

Are you feeling lonely or just not in a relationship at present ? Touch is so healing, it makes us feel connected, loved and vital, many ladies deny themselves real massages, for health and fitness is even more imortant than you realise.

A sensual massage is a wonderful way to enjoy both the relaxation and orgasmic yoni massage. Yoni means vagina in old Indian Sanskrit language.

Want to have sensual tantric massage with lady to lady ? or with another male masseur, here at Carezzia massage we can offer you both.

WE offer Tantric, Yoni massage for ladies, or the exciting Nuru massage, all with Happy ending if you so wish or desire!

INCALLS OR OUCALLS can be arranged.