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Mutual Massage

Mutual Massages are one of our most popular massages that we do and what a fantastic way to learn how to massage the masseuse or girl of your choice!

This is educational too as so many guys just really don’t know how to touch or massage- it is one of our most valued and probably most popular sexy massage encounters.

What would you like to do in an hour? One of our girls will massage you first, then if your not too sleepy, and when your aroused a little, we can swap places, and you can massage her. She will be lying across naked, while she shows you how to use the oil, how to smooth it, and how to glide your hands over her nude body.

Touching all over her entire body she will guide you how to touch a lady. Soft and gentle is one style- using intuition is to be encouraged, how to caress using loving touches, with harmony. Other special hand movements will be shown, including relaxation and sensual soft teasing, which is much more desired by the feminine energy. Caresses are encouraging and inviting-never grab, pinch or tag !

It is a full body massage so it is very sensual, erotic it can be of course, massaging a lady is an acquired skill the more you practice the better you will become an expert! it is a wondefull way to build up confidence in your abilities to massage, foreplay, build up, and sensualise, pure fun and great pleasure for both parties!