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Prostate Massage

The  prostate massage is situated in the anal canal about 2 and half inches inside, the prostate gland can be stimulated to improve circulation which in turn has many benefits for different age groups.

During a massage is one of the best times as your body is already relaxed, and is ready to receive the very pleasant stimulation. Of course we are all different, and some men do like the stimulus whilst others can be nervous about it!

The prostate has many functions been physical but also emotional, it is part of the male sexual energy, and is part of the whole male hormones for sexual function and sex drive.

We have found that apart from the ability to sensually stimulate the area, it can make men’s orgasm more powerful, but as everyone is different, again its one of those wonders that you would have to try it and see for yourself!

Prostate Massages are usually done with surgical gloves to make sure it is very hygienic and using plenty of lubrication, is very vital as it is a very delicate area, and one has to be very gentle to start, whilst the movements can create very pleasant sensual sensations, we take it very slowly, as that is so much nicer to receive, so can sense it in a non-rushed way, helps to feel the emotions, as they built up.

What are the Benefits of a Prostate Massage?
  • Increase of libido- it includes sexy orgasmic sensations for sheer pleasure!
  • Eliminates sexual frustration
  • Stimulates sexual drive
  • Increase of male hormones, which makes healthy sperm
  • Circulation improvement of the prostate and general area
  • Improves the functioning of the prostate by the stimulation of this area.
  • Removes toxins out of the area
  • While it rebalances and regenerates new fresh sperm. By replacing old sperm whilst you have an orgasm, it brings new hormones back to this area, very vital for men’s health.
Benefits of Prostate Massage for Men Over 50

Men over 50 can benefit even more by the prostate massage as their energy tends to get more stagnant due to age and the less sexually active, benefits are seen by having one orgasm a week, as this is vital to regenerate the old sperma gets out and in comes new, therefore it helps to encourage the function of the cycle.

Many doctors often recommend men over 50 to have a massage and by having one orgasm once or twice a month, it is helping this regenerative program.

Its a bit like if you dont use it you lose it!… with or without prostate, the function of the orgasm is a release apart from been extremely neccessary and sexually gratifying, it relieves physical and emotional tension thats held in the body.
letting go in things can be healing, we can become renewed, feel healthier, less stress in the body means less stress in the mind!

All our massages have a tonic effect, and all include hand relief with tantric touch techniques, which gives rise to more erotic pleasures.

Increasing your sexual awareness and how your body improves with all that comes with the wonderful world of massage!
We have also two options for you, a happy ending is always included, but you can an orgasmic relief the normal way or the divine tantric way.
Ask me what the tantric orgasm way is ! it is extremely superior to any other methods, as you will found out in the breath work and tantric prolonged orgasm relief that takes you to many stages of your sexual appetite and gives one of the best experiences you could ever have!

Why not book prostate and prolonged orgasm in one session? if you want to ask me any questions call me.
carezzial london tantric massages are delived to you as incalls or outcalls, we can do a visiting service in london, to your home or hotel, or you can visit us in our studios or apartments, all based in different areas of london.