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Tantric Massage

Many people ask me :“What is a Tantric Massage? I’ve never had one- can you explain what happens in a session?”

The word ‘Tantric’ originates from India and in Tibet and China they also practice it but give the name ‘Taoist Massage’ in the orient.¬†India was the main country it developed from a group of people who discovered Tantric Meditation, and Tantra. In those days it was something revolutionary at the time as it was different to the old traditions.

It was active but like only if you knew about it, as things and time unravelled, people realised the immense benefits. Being ‘Tantric’ means ‘to open up’, and be the more creative person that lies hidden beneath many of us, who want to explore their inner potential!

Tantric expands and improves our communication with one another, so important in all relationships, including the erotic man and woman who want to touch the deeper layers and bring lightness and true intimacy to an existing relationship.

How to find more about being sensual and loving, how to please your partner, making them feel honoured. This can bring more meaning and more trust, with a deeper bond bringing both of you to interract with one another, giving satisfactory orgasmic pleasures to each other. It helps the man to last longer in the bedroom, which gives the relationships in your life that inner zest and fire. Keeping love alive is important, for all relationships, as we learn so much from each other.

Our Tantric Massage includes relaxation and special ways of touching as an art form. The hands will be according to the individual, but always with loving Carezzia caresses. Provocative slow teasing, warm oil will be used to smooth you and sometimes body to body can be included if you wish. It has a way which will build up your sexual energy, to several peaks. This will make you feel very turned on!

At some point we release you to this rapture of a full body orgasm! Yes a Carezzia Happy Ending! Also, ‘Carezzia’ means ‘to caress you’!